About Luxe Token

Introducing the LUXE Token

Our founder (Kim Davis) created the LUXE token to facilitate loyalty points, gift points and creating value around Luxemiss. 


As we are a small e-commerce store at the moment, Kim Davis runs all the operations at Luxemiss and is currently a one person team who wears all hats.

More on LUXE

Why did we create the LUXE token?

 More choice — wide range of rewards to you, our customers

 Select and exchange — Leverage network effects by offering customers the LUXE token

 Instant transactions - Reward instantly and trace real-time the lifecycle of your LUXE token

 Increased security — Decentralization protects your loyalty currency from security breaches

Make our customers happy

 Trade and redeem — Exchange LUXE tokens and redeem them for rewards

 Free access - Get the benefits of blockchain without the risks

 Increased security — Decentralization protects the data